Are you ready for the best workout of your life?

Pick your poison below.



A combination of bodyweight & weighted exercises aimed to burn fat, tone, strengthen the core & improve overall fitness and energy levels.


A high intensity class that challenges all physical elements of power, strength, endurance, gymnastics and much more. 


A class focusing primarily on strength based exercises and lifts to improve full body strengthening and toning.

HQ stretchobility

A stretching and mobility class using advanced stretching techniques and mobility exercises to improve your bodies range of motion and muscle flexibility.

COme and say g'day


Drop in Anytime

Young/Old. Beginner/Pro. Anyone is welcome at Whakatu HQ, so feel free to come past the gym for a free no-strings-attached trial class. 

Look for the dark-teal blue warehouse at
89 Vanguard Street,
Nelson 7010